Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! A new house still requires maintenance.  It’s recommended that you put 1-2% per year of your home’s value into a maintenance saving account.  Some for big repairs that will be necessary down the road, and some for regularly scheduled preventive maintenance that we can help you with.

It depends on the package you choose. We come to your place 2 or 4 times per year, and go through our complete list of must do’s. If you want to know more about our list, feel free to contact us for it.

Yes, for customers that are on our maintenance plans, we can do any handyman work you require around your home.

Maintenance is the process of maintaining or preserving something, while repairs are what we do when something is already broken.  The most important difference is that maintaining something costs a lot less than repairing it!

Yes! If you have more than one property you want us to maintain we will provide a discount on the extra properties.